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Ensure your brand shows on top of search results, generate highly relevant traffic and grow your online sales with pay-per-click ads.

PPC, the most powerful direct marketing channel.

Over 90% of Australians start their search for products, services and businesses on Google.


Paid Search advertising, also referred to as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, allows you to get in front of your potential customers at the very moment they are searching for businesses like yours online. 

This gives you the opportunity to attract high-quality clicks to your website, which you can then convert into online sales, enquiries or even donations if you are a charity organisation.

The majority of Australians (over 90%) use Google as their primary search engine, followed by Microsoft Bing (around 5-10%).
Both search engines allow you to create highly-targeted campaigns which will enable your business to be advertised for specific keywords on both desktop and mobile devices.

Through in-depth performance tracking and reporting, we are able to precisely measure the results of your campaigns and know:

  1. How many people clicked through to your website

  2. How many clicked to call your business

  3. How many enquired online or purchased a product from you.

As we learn more about past performance, we are able to optimise your campaigns for improved results.


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Top Benefits of Paid Search.

1. Warm leads
Reach audiences at the same time they're searching for you and your services.


2. Immediacy
Unlike SEO which can take months to deliver results, PPC campaigns can be rolled out quickly and deliver clicks within minutes of activation.

3. Spend control
You decide a budget that works for you. We can easily adjust budgets each month based on seasonality, performance or even your business cashflow.


4. Return-on-investment
Because everything is measurable with PPC, we can quickly identify what works or doesn't work, and optimise your campaigns in order to deliver better results over time.

5. Only pay for clicks
Whether you advertise on Google or Microsoft Bing, you are only charged when a prospect clicks on your ad. This allows you to focus your budget on those truly interested.

6. Precise targeting
With PPC, you can target audiences based on their age range, location, interest, device, and many other parameters which help maximise the results of your campaigns


7. Informing your SEO

Paid search campaigns allow you to quickly gather insights on what keywords seem to perform best for your best, which can then guide your SEO and Content strategies

8. Retargeting
Anyone clicking through to your website can be added to a remarketing list. So if they don't convert on their first visit, you have a chance to show banner or even video ads to them again.


9. Occupy more SERP real estate
Paid Search ads can work well in parallel to your organic results, offering a second point of entry to your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and thus reducing the chance of that click going to a competitor.

10. PPC ads offer stability

Unlike SEO, PPC is more stable and while the advertising platforms evolve over time, there are no sudden changes in the algorithm with unforeseen consequences

11. Trackable & Measurable

There are dozens and dozens of metrics that can be tracked and which can provide invaluable insights about your online marketing performance, your audience, your website, etc Google Ad's integration with Google Analytics also means you've got a data goldmine at your fingertips.

12. Everyone has a chance
A common misconception
is that the more budget you have, the higher you will rank. While this is partly true, the quality of your campaign build and ongoing optimisations can result in your ads ranking higher than competitors with large budgets, giving everyone a fighting chance.

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Hadrien and the Adsup Online team are outstanding.  They are hard working, excellent in communicating, and are achieving excellent results.  Could not be happier.

Lionel Rattenbury
Pastor of Hope Church 2508

Image by Syd Sujuaan

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